Google Will Now Alert You For Poor Search Results

Google Will Now Alert You For Bad Search Results

Google Will Now Alert You For Poor Search Results

Google Will Now Alert You For bad Search Results
Google Search

Google launched a new feature that will tell you if he thinks you are not getting search results according to your query. This feature will warn you that the results are not good or you are not getting results according to your needs.

Initially, this feature has been launched in the US to see how peoples react to this new feature. If this works well then this feature will be available to everyone in the world.

We all have faced such a situation where we do a search for something and the coming results from Google are not related to what we are looking for. Google Product Manager wrote in a post that: “We are rolling out a new message that will let you know when google can’t find the related results according to your needs”

The following message will be appeared on users screen along with the coming results:

“It looks there are not any great matches for your search”

While Google will still allow users to check the coming results along with this new message, the message will be just like a warning that the search engine could not find the results that you are looking for.

Along with this Google also provides users the alternative results and also provides tips that how you can set or search your query to find the best results. Google Searches are designed in such a way to find the best results but the notification will not appear very often because google in majority times gives you the best results. This newly added feature will help the users to know that the data or information provides is not complete or irrelevant so that they can save their time by not going to many other pages.

Google says if that time comes when you can’t find your results or the information you are looking for is not available right now then later you will be notified that the new post or article related to your search or query has been uploaded and now you can visit the site and check your results.

Currently, this feature is only available in the US, and not the exact date is announced that when it will be available for other countries.

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