COVID-19 and Domestic Violence


Domestic violence includes physical and psychological distress including sexual coercive acts towards primarily women by a current or former male intimate partner.”

  • Due to COVID-19 lack of social interaction and physical distance increase the sense of unsustainability of everything. Corona virus where on one hand terrified the people and restricted to their home on the other hand people become more materialistic and selfish. Tolerance is no more observed at the domestic level. Economic insecurity, fear of death, and lack of money create domestic violence. This violence not only increases in rustic areas but also in metropolitan areas. Before this COVID-19 scourge, mostly males remained busy at their job or business and wives looked after the domestic chores with or without the assistance of servants. But due to corona virus government strictly restricted people at their homes and all domestic servants freed their jobs.
  • Mostly businessmen, teachers and other jobholders also sat free at home. In the modern age, mostly males spend their time at web surfing or by using other social media networks. Remaining time they observe their ladies how these LADIES remain busy in their household chore and create disturbance by pointing out their faults that they are not doing their work properly and BLAMING THAT THEY ARE spending their time mostly in leisure.  If some male help their wives, they also discuss the faults of their wives and do the domestic violence.
  • Due to COVID-19 people are suffering from psychological disturbance, intolerant and becoming the cause of disturbance at the domestic level. For safety we use mask so that the droplets of corona virus does not infec us but I think we must use the mask to control our tongue to remain safe from domestic violence. We need to meditate in a positive way and appreciate the ladies, instead focusing on their faults. It is wisely said,

“An empty mind is devil’s workshop”

Conclusion: So we must engage ourselves in some healthy activities like book reading, painting, creating a new symphony, appreciating the housewives or making new philosophies. We must stay home to save ourselves from this deadly scourge but we also develop the habit of tolerance and patience so that we can save our home as well.


Reffernces: WHO, ABC, CDE…………………….


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