WHO Warns CoronaVirus May never Ends!

World Health Organization Warns that Corona virus May never Ends

WHO Warns Coronavirus May never Ends

WHO Warns COVID-19 May never Ends
World Health Organization warning

The World Health Organization Says on Wednesday 13 May 2020 that this coronavirus can become endemic like HIV, and also warned the peoples who are estimating when will be coronavirus end’s, they say that nothing can be said that how long it takes to end the coronavirus from the whole world.

WHO emergencies expert Mike Ryan told in an online meeting that this is very important to tells the peoples that this virus may never end and it becomes part of our society and peoples have to live with this virus.WHO says this coronavirus may never end.

He says that we all should know the truth about this virus and currently no one can predict exactly that when this virus will be finished from our world. Not any exact dates and promises can be given to the peoples about this coronavirus. This virus or disease may settle down for a long period or it maybe not.

WHO says that the world has some control over it and they know it affects the human body, however, this may take hard effort and time to found a vaccine for this coronavirus.

More than 100 vaccines have been developed in different countries and in different laboratories, but experts are not satisfied with them and currently waiting for the vaccine that will be fully effective against the coronavirus.

“This problem is in our hands and it’s everyone’s responsibility to contribute to stopping the spread of coronavirus,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom.

Ryan says that for a lower-risk rate higher control rate is required. It means that if peoples take care of themselves and take precautions against the virus then the chance of risk will be very less.

The governments of all the countries are now worried about one question that how will they reopen their economies while the coronavirus still exits. 4.3 million peoples are affected and 291,000 deaths happened due to coronavirus.

Ryan said that opening the land borders are less risky than opening the air travels because air travels are riskier and can spread more virus. We should be aware of this that it takes some time to get out of this situation or may we have to survive with this virus.


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