WHO says Lockdown can be finished but CoronoVirus Will not

World Health Organization says Lockdown can be finished but CoronoVirus Will not

WHO says Lockdown can be finished but CoronoVirus Will not

Worldwide, corona cases are increasing day by day in multiple countries, many of the countries are going to remove all the restrictions and some of them will remove partial restrictions. Most of the countries have opened the lockdown because day by day peoples are suffering from jobs and countries economy is also very bad nowadays.

Evenly this coronavirus has forced all the world to stand still completely, the World Health Organization said that in their latest research and findings the coronavirus can not be finished from the world magically. As the lockdown process slows down the spread of the virus but cannot completely destroy the virus.

Many experts are debating on that coronavirus and found that this virus may stay for very long in the world, Mike Ryan The head of WHO (World Health Organization) also said that according to the latest results we can say that this virus may never go away from us and starting our lives again as it was before corona is a difficult task.

There are some experts who are saying that the lockdown is helping in the prevention of the virus but if we unlock the lockdown it also works great because both conditions have a danger with them, this is magical thinking.

The CoronaVirus which is said to be was spread from Wuhan, China slowly spread out to a whole world in a very small time and this is the most dangerous issue in the world. It has infected 4.29 million peoples and 291,000 deaths in 5 months only.

According to some researches in a very short time, the researchers are saying that this virus affects the peoples of more ages because their bodies cannot defend them from the virus and the younger generation has a very less risk rate comparing to peoples of more ages.

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