US Dollar Increases Against Pakistani Rupee

The US Dollar has been increased in the open market after the Eid holidays, the Pakistan Stock Exchange fell after a one-day rise.

According to the details, on the second day of the business week, the market closed at 39,577, down 293 points, after which the dollar increased by 85 paise in the open market.

On the Pakistan Stock Exchange, the dollar increased by PKR 85 paise to 168.20 from 167.35, while at the Interbank, the dollar increased by Rs 18 paise.

It is to be noted that after increasing 18 paise, the dollar increased from Rs 167.46 to Rs 167.64.

Earlier, the US Dollar has become more expensive by PKR 48 paise in the interbank market.

The Forex dealers said, the dollar has risen from Rs 166.98 to Rs 167.46 in the interbank market.

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