Top 10 Zoom Alternatives For Video Conferencing

Top 10 Free Zoom Alternatives For Video Chats

Top 10 Zoom Alternatives For Video Conferencing

Video Calling

Zoom is a free and very fast-growing video chat app. Zoom provides very easy access to make video calls.

But due to the latest security and privacy policies related to Zoom, you may need to try a good alternative app.

If you want to work from home or want to connect with friends and family then there are wonderful apps for you.

The most important thing is that almost every app is free but on your need, some special features are provided for some temporary time. The following available apps allow you to use the apps without signup or registration but some may require the registration process.

Here is a list of Top 10 Zoom Alternatives For Video Conferencing in 2020

1: Skype

2: Webex

3: Whatsapp

4: Marco Polo

5: Facebook Messenger

6: Microsoft Teams

7: Jitsi

8: Google Hangout

9: Talky 

10: FaceTime

1. Skype

skype video calling app

Top Features


  1. Skype can keep a record of the calls up to 30 days.
  2. Skype can blur the background for you during a video call.
  3. Skype allows for sharing presentations.

The most used app for video calling is skype, which provides very high-quality audio-video calling. When the skype was launched in 2003 it provides one on one video conservations. With the passage of time, it provides now the video conference option. You can directly call someone by going to the Skype website without downloading the app. Skype provides desktop and android apps.



cisco webex website photo

Top Features


  1. Webex provides up to 100 participants at a time.
  2. Webex allows you to attend meetings for an unlimited time.
  3. Webex provides call in for audio

Webex is a video chatting app that is available in the market from some time. This company was founded in 1995 and was later adopted by Cisco in 2007. It is mostly used for businesses and known as a business application and they mostly serve the companies. Webex is mostly free and provides many features from 50 to 100 participants and they removed the limit of time 40 minutes on meetings.


Webex is available for free but with that, they are also providing the premium version which starts from $13.50 per month, per host. Cloud storage, recording transcripts, download videos of meetings customizable meeting rooms, and much more are included in the premium version. Cisco Webex Room Kit and Cisco Webex Desk Pro are also sold by the company.


3. WhatsApp

whatsapp photo

Top Features


  1. WhatsApp provides texts, simple, reliable messaging.
  2. Message your friends and family for free.
  3. WhatsApp is available on the web and desktop.

Everyone is familiar with WhatsApp and everyone is using in the worldwide. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and it has more than 2 billion users worldwide. WhatsApp is available on android and iOS devices and it is very easy to use. We can send messages through it and make audio and video calling. It provides security which is the end to end encryption, it means that when a one-person sends the message to another only the receiver can read the message no one else can read it. It is used to remain in touch with friends and family worldwide.


4. Marco Polo

photo of marco polo app

Top Features


  1. This can be used for close relationships face to face conversations.
  2. Be together with groups.
  3. Easy and Fun, speaking face to face is easy as pressing start and stop.

Marco Polo is the best app for you, because when you want to video chat with someone but you can’t do in real-time due to they have a busy schedule or are offline at that time. Then you can send the video messages to your favorite ones or send in the groups and your friends or family members can see that video message later when they will be free or online. It does not limit you any video call time. Marco Polo can save your all video messages so you can check it out later when needed. They also provide a fun filter and voice effects that you can add in your conservations.


5.Facebook Messenger

fb messenger app

Top Features


  1. Instant Messaging.
  2. Photo/Video sharing.
  3. Group Chats.
  4. Live video chat/video calling.

Facebook Messenger is being used by millions of users daily. it is used for sending messages to your friends. Facebook Messenger also includes a feature video chat. It is very easy to use and can easily be connected with friends who are on social media. If a receiver and sender both have Facebook messenger then they can make an audio or video call and can have their conservation very easily.You can also add a story on Facebook messenger for 24 hours. Facebook messenger can be used for zoom’s alternative.


6.Microsoft Teams

mobile app Microsoft teams

Top Features


  1. Fully integrated with Office 365.
  2. Direct access to email, skype, one drive, and SharePoint.
  3. Collaborate live in real-time.
  4. access teams across all of your devices.

Microsoft teams allow sharing your opinion and your personality. You can send emojis, gifs, and stickers to someone and also in a group. Microsoft teams are usually used by companies that use office 365. Microsoft teams bring together, chat video meetings, audio calling, all office apps like word, excel, and PowerPoint into one place. the teams of 10 or 10,000 can go live no matters where they are. In teams, you can access, share, and edit the word documents, PowerPoint, and Excel files in real-time.


7. Jitsi

jitsi mobile app

Top Features


  1. Jitsi allows you, 75 participants, at a time.
  2. you can make public and private chat.
  3. you can blur the background.
  4. Jitsi can integrate with slack,google claendar, and ofice 365.

Jitsi is a multiplatform, open-source video conferencing. It allows us to create easily and quickly on the online meetings by just going to the site and pressing the Go. Jitsi can be used for multi peoples call at the same time and with the help of Jitsi you can create your own video calling service because it is open-source. Jitsi is available on the web , android, iOS, react native, and electron apps. Jitsi meet means video conferencing app. it is fully secured and you can use it without signing up to the site.  Jitsi also allows users to share the screen during the chat. new users can be invited by custom links.


8.Google Hangouts

hangouts video calling app

Top Features hangouts allow 10 users.

2. Google hangouts provide audio calling with 150 participants.

Google Hangouts is a service that is provided by Google and it allows us to make audio and video calling for free. it limits the video call users to 10 and audio call users up to 150. At this stage, they are not provided many features but may increase in the allows to chat through text and also you can share your screen. there is not much more to talk about that. mostly on android phone hangouts is installed initially.



talky video calling app

Top Features


1.Very easy to use.

2. Talky does not require any signup or registration.

3. talky allows 6 users at a time.


Talky is mostly used due to its free use and use without signup, mostly peoples don’t like to go through the registration process and just want to access directly any site. Talky is very simple and easy to use and within no time you can make a video call. you just have to enter your name and send the link to your friends or family members and just enjoy the free video call. talky also provides a game called the lander game and you can also share your screen with your friends and family. the only negative point is that there call is limited to 6 peoples only otherwise it is the best alternative to the zoom app.



video calling app facetime

Top Features


1.Most used Video calling app on iPhone,iPad, or MAC.

2.FaceTime lets you call anyone in your contact list.

3. It also provides Group FaceTime option (since 2018).


FaceTime is a video calling app that is operated only on iPhone,iPad, or Mac and allows you to call anyone in your contact list to call with the exception that other users should be apple users. you can make both audio and video calling by Facetime. Initially, it was used to call one person only but with the release of iOS 12 in 2018 now there is a new feature called GroupFacetime option that allows you to connect up to 32 users at a time but all of them should be an apple user. Facetime can be the best alternative app for zoom but only for Apple users.


Top 10 Zoom Alternatives For Video Conferencing

This is all about the Top 10 Zoom Alternatives for Video Conferencing in  2020. Top 10 Best Zoom alternatives for video conferencing that are free and best ever and in 2020, and the best top 3 Zoom alternatives I preferred for video conferencing include Google Hangout, Whatsapp, and Skype.

So this was all regarding the Top 10 Zoom Alternatives for Video Conferencing ever or for 2020. If you find it helpful then do let us know in the comment section below would love to hear that.Thanks for reads Regards Lords news

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