Students unrest with online classes in Pakistan.

Students unrest with online classes in Pakistan.

The online class was an alternate way to conduct classes and carry on the education system

The start of online classes will help students to make their quarantine useful and not to affect their education. online classes were flexible for students because now students are not going to university and easily attending online lectures at home. And attempting assignments quizzes and online exams safely in their homes.

The students feel freedom because now they do not have to follow a fixed schedule for their education. But those students who lived in remote areas and they have not internet facilities, no laptops/computers and even many students have not mobile phones.

So it was really a big challenge for those students to take online classes. And if they were not attending online classes, they were not able to sit in the examination hall or there was some kind of fine.

Online classes also being difficult for those students who paid a high amount of fees for one semester in their universities. But now they have some financial issues that are why they are not able to buy laptops, internet packages for attending lectures.

Online classes also being difficult for medical and engineering field students because it is difficult to study without face to face interaction with teachers and without doing practical work and experiments in labs it’s really difficult to take concepts and to understand it.


hec-orders-all-universities-to-begin-online-classes @ HEC

Those students who lived in remote areas have mentioned their complaint that when they were in universities. They were allowed to work/study in the library, labs, and in the hostel but now they are at homes.

it’s very difficult to attend classes and to participate in classes with concentration. And it is also difficult for female students to study at home because now they have to look after the home at the same time too.



That’s why students requested to HEC for promotion to next semester without exams.

Students were also demanding that there should be fee concession because in online classes they have to use their own laptops, internet packages, and electric bills.

Because students were not using anything from the university so why we have to pay full fesses to universities.


Students also requested to HEC if you are not ready to promote students to next semester without exams then kindly reopen the universities with the SOP.

We are ready for attending classes in universities by following the SOP. Because it’s difficult to study at home with fewer facilities.

Some students also protested against the HEC because the universities were not cooperating with the students.

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