Google Lens now Offering Copy and Paste handwritten text mobile to PC

Google Lens lets you Copy and Paste handwritten text mobile to PC

Google Lens now Offering Copy and Paste handwritten text mobile to PC


Google Lens new Feature


Google Lens has introduced a new future to their users which allow the users to copy the handwritten text from mobile and paste it on their computers. This new feature is for both android and iOS users. This feature works for neat and clean handwriting, if you have bad handwriting this may not work for you because Google Lens can’t recognize the bad or poor handwriting.


Google Lens will allow users to Copy and Paste handwritten text from mobile to PC

This newly introduced feature will be very helpful for students and other peoples. A new feature of Google Lens has been introduced and is available for everyone. to use this feature you must have the updated version of Google Lens application or Google App on iOS (it will be available on the search bar).

On Android and iOS, you must be logged in with Google accounts to use this newly launched feature of Google Lens. On Android, you can use Chrome to use the Lens.

How to transfer the notes from mobile to PC?

For the transfer of the notes or text from mobile to PC or Laptop, both devices must be logged in with the same accounts. you can connect your smartphone to PC to transfer the notes easily.

How to Copy and Paste handwritten text mobile to PC?

Following are the steps are given to use this amazing feature::

  1. Firstly if you have written notes in your own handwriting, then open the Google Lens and keep the camera at the top of notes or paper.
  2. Then the camera will automatically detect the text from your notes, highlight it on your mobile’s screen.
  3. Now, you can choose the option to copy the text to PC and paste on another logged-in device.

This is the easiest way o copy anything from your mobile and pastes it on your PC without writing the whole thing again.

The students who are studying in schools and colleges, can get a lot of help from this app and can make their handwritten notes into printed notes.


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