Apple might skip including a charger with your iPhone 12 to make it cheaper

image @onet

Apple wants to keep the iPhone 12’s price close to that of the iPhone 11, and ditching these accessories will help offset the cost of new 5G networking components. There’s no word yet on whether a Lightning cable will be included.

Apple could justify this in many different ways, but it doesn’t seem customer-friendly. Sure, you might not explicitly need a new charger if you already own some other Apple products, but you might have a slow old one with a frayed cable, and that’s no fun.

Iphone 12
image @frobes

Maybe! It very well might be the case that Apple is making this move for purely selfish reasons, charging the same amount of money and giving a customer less.

It’s early enough in the iPhone 12 manufacturing process where Apple could still go either way, so it’s a good time to test the waters.

A rumor like this from Kuo was certain to spread like wildfire, so if Apple was looking to gauge the public’s reaction before signing off on the final decision, the timing and the source is perfect.


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