‘A Call To Spy’: Radhika Apte gave it her all as real-life British spy Noor Inayat Khan

It’s always a treat to watch Radhika on-screen as she always brings something new for the audiences in terms of her portrayals of characters. Each one being unique and challenging in its own way. One of her upcoming projects includes the international project ‘A Call To Spy’.

looks promising and is completely taken by her character.

Radhika’s character is “a pacifist fighting in the war” who was Brit born in Russia to an American mother and Indian Muslim father who was into Sufism and raised in France. If you don’t know then Noor was a part of Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s secret organization and operated under the name of Madeleine. Later, she was caught and died with her last word being ‘Liberté’ .

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