Top 5 Alternatives for Tor Browser 2020

Top 5 Alternatives for Tor Browser (Anonymous Browsers)

Top 5 Alternatives for Tor Browser 2020

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All internet users know that browsing on the internet is not always secure and private. Hackers love to break the security of the websites and get the user’s personal data. Our browsing activities are being tracked by web trackers so that they can show us advertisements.  Security researches advise us to get remain secured on the internet use the VPN apps, web tracker blockers, anonymous browsers, ad blockers, etc.


Top 5 Alternatives for Tor Browser 2020

To get remain secured on the internet following are some browsers that will be very helpful to get secure and safe on the internet world. So let’s check them out one by one top 10 alternatives for the tor browser in 2020.


1.Epic Browser

Epic Browser Alternative for Tor Browser


Epic Browser is one of the best anonymous browsers which we can use on our laptop and PC. This is the best alternative browser that you can start using today. As it is built from the source code of chromium that means you can enjoy a lot of features like chrome in it and you can extend the functionality of the browser by adding plugins. It is a secure web browser that blocks ads, trackers, crypto mining ultrasound signaling, fingerprinting, and many more.

2. I2P

I2P Browser


The next comes browser for the alternative of Tor Browser is I2P Browser. It works just like the Tor browser and provides a lot of security features. It encrypts your data into layers jus like Tor because it uses a  darknet technology. So it can be a great alternative for Tor Browser.


3.Comodo IceDragon

Comodo IceDragon Alternative For Tor Browser


After discussing the two alternatives for Tor Browser next comes the Comodo IceDragon Browser. This is famous for its privacy and security purposes. So you can enjoy a lot of security and privacy-related features in Comodo IceDragon.It Blocks the web trackers and offers you ad-block and VPN. They automatically scan malware for you on the page you visit.


4.Yandex Browser

Yandex Browser Alternative for Tor Browser


Now comes the second last Alternative browser for Tor is Yandex Browser. Yandex is offering some unique features that are not found on other browsers. Their features include web tracker blocker, malware scanner, ad blocker, etc. You can install plugins so that you will be more secured and safe.



WaterFox Alternative For Tor


Now comes the WaterFox Web Browser that will best alternative for Tor Browser. This browser is available for Windows Computers and it is an open-source web browser. Their main goal is to maintain user privacy. IT really help the peoples who want to search the web remaining safe and secure. It does not allow manual proxies but has a private mode where trackers will be eliminated.



So, these are all the best and top Alternative Web Browsers for Tor Browsers, they all are free and you can start using them from today. If you want to know more browsers or know any other browsers alternative for Tor kindly leave a comment for us.


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