Shahid Afridi Former Pakistani cricketer has Contracts COVID-19

Shahid Afridi , Contracts COVID-19

Shahid Afridi Former Pakistani cricketer has Contracts COVID-19 @ sport star

Shahid Afridi Former Pakistani cricketer has Contracts COVID-19

Former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi has tested positive for COVID-19, with this development Afridi has become the second cricketer from Pakistan to have been tested positive for the virus.

Shahid Afridi & Other Players Contract COVID-19:

The other players who have been affected by the COVID include Zafar Sarfaraz (Pakistan), Majid Haq (Scotland), and Solo Nqweni (South Africa).

He is current in self-isolation at his home. Afridi started feeling unwell since Thursday of this week, following which he underwent tests that marked him as positive for the disease COVID-19.

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Shahid Afridi COVID-19 Tweet:

Speaking on the matter, Afridi commented that “he had been feeling unwell for the past few days and that his entire body was in pain”.

He commented that “he had been tested positive for COVID-19, and requested the prayers of all his supporters so that he can get well soon”.

Ever since the start of the pandemic, Afridi has been working hard to help the people in Pakistan.

Shahid Afridi Foundation Work During LockDown:

Shahid Afridi Contracts COVID-19

Through the Shahid Afridi Foundation, he has been distributing essentials to the poor people in the country, and as such his schedule has been hectic, for the past few months, it is possible that Afridi picked up the virus, during one of his trips, for the foundation.

In total, the number of infected patients in Pakistan stands at 1,20,000 and the total death count is more than 2,400.

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