PCB Announces New Health Tests For Contracted Players

PCB Announces New Health Tests For Contracted Players

The Pakistan cricket board has announced that they will be adding new rules for the players, which will make it mandatory for them, to undergo eye tests and blood tests, at least four times in one year.

Previously, players needed to undergo the Test just two times, however, for the safety of the players against COVID-19, the board decided to increase the number of Tests.

The blood test needs to be performed to assess the general health of the player, and also confirm the presence or absence of disease-causing pathogens like viruses.

The eye test, on the other hand, is aimed at testing the eyesight of the players, as vision is a key part of the game, and quick reflexes are required of players, who are playing at the international level.

Currently, Pakistan is set to tour England for a full-fledged tour, across all formats. It is speculated that the PCB will soon announce the names of at least 30 players, who will start training for the upcoming tour at Lahore in the National High-Performance centre. Of these 30 players, at least 25 are expected to be a part of the squad that tours England.

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