Microsoft Teams Planned to Increase Group call limit up to 250

Microsoft Teams Planned to Increase Group call limit up to 250 in May 2020

Microsoft Teams Planned to Increase Group call limit up to 250

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is providing group video call limit up to 100 peoples only, but now Microsoft Teams decided to increase group call limits up to 250 in May 2020. The Microsoft Teams is planned to make this update in the mid of May 2020. They are trying to give a hard time to zoom app.

Microsoft Teams Is trying to beat Zoom (Video Calling App)

Nowadays, Zoom is providing to video call up to 100 peoples at a time. There is a much increase in using online video call services due to the spread of coronavirus across the world. Satya Nadella the CEO of Microsoft claimed that they have more than 75 million users using their app.

The Microsoft company has cleared their thoughts that they will immediately increase the group video call services up to 250 persons at a time. In the mid of May, the paid users will have access to this new feature. and the other users who are using this app for free can make video groups call up to 20 peoples at a time.

The paid users of Microsoft Teams can also enjoy the services like Meeting Recordings, Scheduled Meetings, Phone calls, and audio conferencing along with an increase in the limit of a group video call. The paid users get 1 TB storage and free users got 1 GB storage along with 10 GB Shared Storage.

Due to the current situation and lockdown in the whole world, there is much rise in demand for video calling services. The company is much benefited due to the rise in demand for their software as said by their own CEO of Microsoft in a video call conference and now they have more than 75 million users.  There are many new features that are introduced in Microsoft Teams and recently they offer support for Live Captions to Android and iOS users.


Due to The increase in the use of video calling services, Microsft takes a good initiative for increasing their video group call service up to 250 peoples which currently is 100 only. The whole world is almost lockdown and every work, business, and education is continued due to online video chatting apps. The increase in the limit of video group calls of Microsoft Teams is very good and peoples are appreciating for that. If you like Microsoft Teams Plan to Increase Group call limit up to 250 then tell us in the comment section.



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