HEC New announcement related to online Class

promoting students without classes and exams are not possible.

HEC New announcement related to online Class

HEC New announcement related to online Class @ The Nation

After Lockdown in Lockdown in whole Pakistan.

All universities and colleges have been completely closed for the students.

universities are conducting Online Classes and Online Exam.

online education is not comfortable for all students especially the internet is not available in remote areas and this is a big problem for students.



But HEC said that promoting students without classes and exams are not possible.

Teachers will provide an online evaluation system and the data of all online classes will be compiled.

But the students appealed to HEC for promoting to next semester and also reduce 50 percent fees of the semester because the online classes only conduct daily routine lectures and recordings but the students use their own resources such as Wi-Fi and mobile, laptops and they don’t use universities facilities and resources so why they paid full Fees.

So HEC has finally thought of a solution to this problem and said that the exams and classes are being held and they give Mobile packages to students.

HEC will do different contracts with internet providers and provide the best and at low-cost internet facilities to students.



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