OGRA Takes Decision On Request To Increase Gas Prices

According to the details, as per the decision taken by OGRA, a 106.5% reduction in the price of gas as per the demand of Sui Northern has been approved.

It may be recalled that Sui Northern had requested to increase the price of gas from Rs 664.25 to Rs 1287.19 per MMBTU.

OGRA has approved a 17.4% reduction in the price of gas against the demand of Sui Southern while Sui Southern had requested to increase the price of gas from 796.18 to 881.53 per MMBTU.

It may be recalled that the gas companies had applied to meet the financial requirements for the financial year 2020-21.

Regarding the reduction in prices, OGRA said that the reason for the approval of reduction in gas prices is the reduction in global oil prices.

It should be noted that the final notification of gas prices will be issued after the decision of OGRA federal government.


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