Marnus Labuschagne feels that preventing players

Marnus Labuschagne, feels that preventing players from using saliva and sweat on the ball is necessary for cricket
Australian cricketer Marnus Labuschagne has commented that “he is open to the idea of forcing players to stop using sweat and saliva on the ball to change its conditions if it meant that cricket to move forward in a post Corona environment”. He stated that “players should be adaptable and that they should change how they play their game, according to the situation at hand”. He feels that “such sacrifices are necessary if cricket was a return to normal”. Marnus, who himself is a part-time bowler commented that, if the practice was banned it would take some time before players get used to the new rules and forget their old habits.
He commented that “it would be especially tough for players who were responsible for maintaining the shine of the ball”. The issue of legalizing ball-tampering has the cricketing world divided, with many in support and many against the move. Former West Indies cricketer Michael Holding had commented that the move was self-contradictory, however former South African cricketer Allan Donald was open to the idea. Hopefully, a final decision regarding the matter would be taken soon.


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