Kookaburra developing new wax applicator

Kookaburra developing new wax applicator

Kookaburra developing a new wax applicator to help retain the shine of the ball. Australian ball manufacturer Kookaburra has started working on developing a wax applicator that can help retain the shine of the ball without having to use other materials such as saliva or sweat. The company started the development of the new technology after several cricketing boards banned the use of saliva or sweat on the ball, owing to the current conditions brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak. The wax applicator is expected to be ready, as early as in one month’s time. The applicators are expected to come in the form of a small pocket size sponge, which could be used either by the umpires or the players, to apply a small coating of wax over the ball. Following this, the ball could be rubbed or polished in a traditional manner to maintain its shine. If the ICC ends up legalizing use artificial substances to change the properties of the ball, then this new formulation could set the new standard for both international and domestic games. So far the subject matter of artificial ball-tampering has divided the cricketing community, with some in and some against the move.


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