Cricket Australia Chief Executive: Kevin Roberts resigns

Kevin Roberts, the chief executive of Cricket Australia, has announced his resignation from the board, effective immediately. Roberts was constantly under fire for his decisions during the time of the lockdown.

Roberts had taken several controversial decision over the past few months including laying off a majority of the staff during this time.

Nick Hockley


Nick Hockley, the CEO of the T20 World Cup organizing committee will take over as the interim chief executive of the board.



His most controversial decision was the lay off of 80% staff from CA head office, this decision drew widespread criticism from different state boards, he was also looking impose cost cutting programs on state boards, however they resisted his attempts, and eventually he was forced to resign.


Many questioned Robert’s motives as the lockdown had little financial affect on CA, since it began after the conclusion of the cricket season in the country.

Rohit Sharma wants to play in both IPL and T20 World Cup

Roberts had also claimed that CA was set to lose around $80 million due to COVID-19, he had predicted that Australia would not be able to hold the T20 World Cup, this year and that it would be pushed back to next year.

However, this has not been finalized yet, as the T20 World Cup is still on track and no postponements have been announced, additionally team India is also set to tour Australia in December which should also help out with CA’s financial situation.



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