Adelaide Oval Offers to Host Two Test Games in India vs Australia Tour

Adelaide Oval Offers to Host Two Test Games in India vs Australia Tour

The Adelaide Oval in Australia could host as much as two Test games between India and Australia if the boards of the two nations decide to go forward with India’s tour of Australia later this year. With Australia being currently in travel, interstate travel within the county could pose an issue, to overcome this problem more games can be held on the same grounds.

Speaking on the matter, Keith Bradshaw, the chief of South Australia Cricket Association, commented that “Adelaide can host more than one game in the Test series between India and Australia”. The facilities that are available at the Adelaide would allow for two games to be held back to back. Some of these facilities include drop-in pitches, other top-notch technology that reduces turnaround times between games and makes it possible to hold more matches consecutively.

However, whether this proposal from Bradshaw ends up being approved, depend entirely on the decision of the BCCI and CA. Earlier the SACA has also offered team India, the official hotel of the Adelaide Oval as a quarantine facility for the visiting Indian team. Earlier this week, the BCCI had confirmed that the Indian team would be willing to stay in quarantine for a two week period as stipulated by the Australian government.


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